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Bridged to the north of Nassau, Paradise Island teems with hotels, resorts, casinos, and fabulous beaches. With the ever-warm weather and many attractions, Paradise Island rivals even Grand Bahama in tourism. Formerly known as Hog Island, Paradise Island underwent huge development in 1962 when Huntington Hartford bought the island and built the first resort. Today, it exists as a bustling metropolis while still maintaining some quiet getaway spots for those who wish to relax.

With the toll costing only one dollar, visitors can travel to and from Nassau very easily. Potter's Cay, reachable by walking the road beneath the bridge connecting Nassau and Paradise Island, visitors can visit the port where conch boats and mail boats disembark each day. Take an inexpensive trip on one of these boats and tour the waters while watching the conch fishing. Stands along the road sell fresh conch, empty conch shells for souvenirs, and native Bahamian spices.

While crossing the bridge, Royal Towers, the largest wing of the famous Atlantis Resort, greets visitors with its splendor. Often referred to as "Vegas-by-the-sea," the Atlantis Resort serves as both a luxurious hotel and a huge tourist attraction. The biggest resort in the Bahamas, Atlantis offers a wealth of shopping malls, casinos, and fine dining, not to mention a cabaret theater and the recently introduced Dolphin Cay, where visitors can closely interact with 17 playful dolphins. Take a wild and carefree trip to Aquaventure, a newly opened waterscape filled with waterslides and rapids. Frequent the dazzling Bahamian nightclubs, open to guests and non-guests. A "Discover Atlantis" tour, which begins in the main lobby, takes visitors through a guided walk through the entire place and all its wonders.

Cabbage Beach lines the north of Paradise Island. Experts have rated it the prettiest beach in the New Providence area. Many visitors have fun doing water sports, boating, or just simply relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Versailles Gardens, a terraced lawn that was once the private hideaway of Huntington Hartford, presents beautiful fountains and statues of historic figures. At the top of the Gardens sits a historic sight: the Cloisters, the remains of a stone monastery built by Augustinian monks in France during the 13th century. William Randolph Hearst bought the ruins and imported them to the United States in the 1920's, and Hartford later brought them to Paradise Island. Tourists often visit these majestic ruins and some even take wedding vows under the gazebo.

With a Vegas-like megaresort, lovely beaches for a total unwind and relaxation, and many historic sights to see, Paradise Island truly offers a heavenly vacation.

Come and experience paradise in Paradise Island!

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